Utility Cost Analysis
Take control of your utility bills

Utility providers are notorious for making errors when it comes to utility usage billing.


Businesses rely heavily on municipal electricity, water, sewer & refuse services, but it does not mean that they should be overcharged for it.

EMC has the expertise to identify discrepancies on essential services and rectifying them with council, saving you unnecessary costs & time.


Unlock savings 35 years of industry experience allowed us to reduce client monthly utility expenditure by 10% and more!
Save money We have saved our clients in excess of R300 Million in un-necessary utility expenditure and incorrect utility billing!
Risk free We offer a contingency-based service. That means you don't pay us unless we actually save you money!

EMC works closely with all of the councils and have built solid relationships with national municipalities over the years, enabling us to deliver a risk-free utility management service to our clients.

Over the last 35 years, we have assisted both top JSE-listed companies, as well as smaller businesses, throughout South Africa to take control of their monthly utility bills.

We have secured an average utility cost reduction of between 9% & 18% for our clients over the contract period.

We do the heavy lifting for you

Step 1
We explain to you

We present our solution, methodology and explain how our process works.

Step 2
We agree how to proceed

A Letter of Authority (LOA) is signed, which allows us to proceed on your behalf

Step 3
We analyse your bills

This is were the magic happens. Our experts analyse your utility bills to identify potential cost savings and overcharging.

Step 4
We report back to you

We present our findings and advise on what utility cost savings can be achieved.

Step 5
We contract with you

A contract is signed wherein we both share in any potential savings.

Step 6
We invoice you

We invoice you monthly on actual, realised cost savings at the agreed contract rate.

Its our passion to save you money!