Demand Side Management
Optimise your energy usage

New York has the potential to reduce demand by 1,300 MW (2002) through DSM—enough to supply power to 1.3 million homes.


Your business needs power, water, refuse collection & other utility services, but it needs to be structured to use as little as possible, without compromising your business.

EMC has the expertise to help you optimise your own power consumption, not only saving you money but also helping to save our planet!


Demand side Management (DSM) means optimizing your own usage of energy and other utility services.  When applied to electricity systems, DSM implementations provide significant economic, reliability and environmental benefits.

Opportunities for reducing energy demand are numerous in all sectors and many are low-cost, or even no-cost, things that most enterprises or individuals could do in the short term, if good energy management is practised.

EMC has numerous demand side management solutions on offer, including LED Lighting, occupancy sensors, generator supply and maintenance, solar PV, power factor correction, online metering, UPS & fluorescent crushing.

We help you optimise power consumption

LED Lighting

We offer a free lighting audit to compare your lighting compliance to OHSA Minimum average values. We supply and install various LED lighting solutions to suit your needs.

Occupancy Sensors

We supply and install occupancy sensors, which are used to control electric lighting. Turning off the lights automatically when not is use can save substantial amounts of energy.

Solar Photovoltaic (PV)

We partner with you to run a solar energy project to reduce your carbon footprint. We assist in determining a case for Solar PV, based on a justifiable ROI & long-term savings strategy.

Power Factor Correction

We supply, install & maintain Power Factor correction (PFC) equipment. We can tailor the manufacturing of PFC panels to decrease demand (kVA) & increase available capacity.

Its our passion to save you money!