Ultra & Super Capacitors
High performance energy storage

"Supercapacitors are kind of like lightning in a bottle, if you will. Michael Sund , Vice President of Maxwell Technologies

Imagine charging your cell phone in just a few seconds. Consider how transportation would change if it only took a few minutes to fuel up an electric car.


There are many different ways to store energy, but very few allow you to both charge and release that energy virtually instantly. This is where supercapacitors lead the way.

EMC supplies supercapacitors to suit all your energy storage needs.


The Achilles heel of the renewable energy market has been the unreliable storage technology offered by chemical batteries.  This has changed with the use of Graphene in supercapacitors, which made it possible to produce ultra-capacitor storage.  A Graphene supercapacitor stores almost as much energy as a lithium-ion battery, charges and discharges in seconds and maintain all this over tens of thousands of charging cycles.

Supercapacitors are extraordinarily well suited to any application that expects frequent charge and discharge cycles, extreme operating temperatures, or rapid discharge of high amounts of energy.


Sirius Energy Modules

EMC is a local supplier of Kilowatt Labs Sirius Energy Modules.


Sirius Power

Sirius Energy Modules

Kilowatt Labs

Sirius Energy Modules offer the lowest cost of independent power (per kWh) available, in a stable form of energy suitable for a multitude of applications.

We help you maximise power

Full discharge

Our Supercapacitors can give 100% Depth of discharge

Long duty cycles

More than 500,000 Cycles (1 million claimed by the manufacturer) with a 45-Year life expectancy with multiple daily cycles

Guaranteed reliability

Our Supercapacitors have 10-Year swap out guarantee.

Impressive thermal stability

-30 to +85°C with excellent thermal stability during charge/discharge cycles

Its our passion to save you money!